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4 Benefits of Cycling Exercise – How Bike Riding Improves Your Health!

Benefits of Cycling Exercise
Photo by Coen van den Broek on Unsplash

Cycling is one of the few exercises that allow you to workout wherever you feel most comfortable. You can use your bike for indoor cycling and spinning, road cycling or mountain biking. Whichever method you prefer, the many benefits of cycling will always be realized in a committed cyclist.

The benefits of cycling can be grouped into four major benefits, namely;

1. Health Benefits

Riding stimulates your heart to pump and circulate blood throughout the whole body. Therefore, you will reduce the chances of stroke, heart attack, and other cardiovascular illnesses.

Riding strengthens the heart muscles, making the heart healthier. This is due to the mere fact that as you cycle, you increase your heart rate. It reduces cholesterol and fat that is stored around the heart, thus reducing the risk of cholesterol issues.

Cycling and spinning are continuous exercises that leave one breathless, thus enhancing the capacity to hold breath. The exercises ensure that the lungs, and the respiratory system in general, are in good health.

Cycling is essential for your mental health. While on the rides, you forget any instances of stress and concentrate on your workout, thus preventing the stress from turning into depression. People who cycle often also tend to show fewer mood swings and more happy faces, a reflection of inner peace.

2. Weight and Fat Loss

Cycling is one of the exercises you can be sure to lose weight with. It tends to involve your whole body, from the brain, to the heart to the limbs.

People have found weight loss success with cycling, with most indoor cycling exercises proving to help with the loss of at least 400 calories in a single exercise. Outdoor and mountain cycling has also seen most people with targets hit their target within less than the set deadline.

Do you have belly fat that makes your body esteem go down? Cycling should be your best take. Within less than a month of committed cycling or spinning, you will be flat-bellied and happy with the results.

Type 2 diabetes can be avoided or reduced by cycling, since it is a lifestyle disease. You will prevent sugar and cholesterol build-up, thus preventing the chances of the illness. If you already have the diabetes, you can consult your doctor and if allowed, try controlled cycling that will advance with time, which will give you better management results.

Since your whole body is involved, not only will the belly fat disappear, but all the fat stored in your muscles and essential parts such as the heart, kidneys and lungs will be a thing of the past.

If you are obese, however, you need to confirm that the bike you want to cycle can hold your weight, since bikes have weight limits. A wider seat will also ensure you don’t lose motivation due to seat discomfort. You don’t have to start with high cadence (pedal stroking) to realize benefits. All you need to do is show commitment.

There are classes such as Peloton and SoulCycle that you can register. Having a schedule, you can follow always goes a long way into making workout dreams into reality.

3. Joint, Bone and Muscle Benefits

Cycling involves your lower body joints, that is, the hips, lower back, ankles, and knees.  Having regular cycling exercises see these joints strengthened. Further, it helps lubricate them, ensuring that joint pains never bother you. People with lower back pains and knee joint pains have found success with cycling, even without medication.

Your bones will be strengthened when you cycle since you will have to move them repeatedly. You find that you can withstand standing for long hours and even engaging in more intense workouts if your bike often.

Leg muscles are toned by cycling, and so are most body muscles, including the hands. You will overall have a toned body by cycling, and incorporating other exercises ensures you get your body of choice. Men can use cycling to build muscles and become stronger.

4. Environmental Benefits of Cycling

When you consider cycling as a way of commuting, you become an environmentalist. Bikes neither emit fumes nor cause traffic, thus they will never be a bother to people or the environment in general.

Talking of traffic, always being stuck in traffic can cause mental challenges, given that it can cause stress and tension. You can avoid all this by preferring a bike, especially if your workplace or school is closer to your home.

Points to Consider When Cycling

If you have an existing health problem, consult with your doctor before starting on cycling workouts, since, like all intense workouts, it may be detrimental to your health.

If you start cycling and feel the intense knee and joint pains or run out of breath, you should stop immediately. Consult a physician for a check-up.

Before you cycle, check whether your seat height is suitable for you. You can do this by climbing on the bike, trying to pedal. Your lowest foot point should only be slightly bent. The handlebars should be parallel to the bike seat. This way, you will avoid knee, lower back, and hip joint pains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can indoor cycling help shed belly fat?

yes, it can, and it does. Cycling helps with overall body weight loss, and this involves breaking down stored fats in the body. Your belly muscles will be toned in the process, giving you the shape of the belly, you desire.

Can cycling cause reproduction challenges in men?

Reproduction issues may be caused by a hard and wrongly positioned bike seat. Ensure you adjust your bike seat, as illustrated above, before engaging in any cycling workouts. moreover, due to the hard nature of most bike seats, you should buy a bike seat cover or padded shorts to ensure that your cycling workout is safe for you.

Can anyone cycle on a daily basis?

Yes, they can. However, this will depend on the intensity of cycling. If you engage in highly intense cycling, cycling three times a week is enough, so as to protect your joints too.  Normal cycling can be done on a daily basis, which is healthy and fine.


General body fitness can be attained by cycling, making it a choice workout. Given the evolution of cycling today, you will not run out of options whenever you need a change.

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