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Biking Inspire feeds you all the information that you need on bikes and biking accessories. Other than informative content, our team spends hours researching and experimenting with different biking products, giving you an honest insight into the best of them in the biking and workout industry.

Our Mission

Biking Inspire strives to give you an honest opinion on the information about workouts, especially in the field of biking and indoor exercises. You also get information on the best products from Amazon, saving you the time and tension of dealing with products you are not sure about.

We Only Give You the Best Products

Given the wide range of products in the market, we narrow it down to only quality products that you will need for every specific field. While you may feel that quality products are always expensive, there is some truth to the matter.

However, we also go deeper into budget products that are pocket-friendly to ensure that you get value products rather than cheap quality.

With expert advice and our team committed to carrying out experiments on some of the products, we can confidently say that we thrive on your trust.

Get More Information

Through experience and research, we come up with articles that help you understand the dynamics in the biking and indoor workout dynamics. We also give you tips on finding the most beneficial products, in addition to ensuring that your experience with the product is thrilling.

We also go as far as answering questions that you may have on the different niches that we present you. And, of course, you can always leave us questions you feel were not answered; we get back to you soonest possible.

Save Your Time

We are aware of how precious your time is, and your tight schedule is more important than scrolling around the internet looking for something that will not disappoint you. But we have the time. Therefore, we endear to go through the numerous products and come up with a list of only the competitive products.

Finally, all you have to do is check through a list of fewer than ten products to decide on the most convenient for you.

We Surprise You

Sometimes you just have many questions and anxieties you think are stupid and are afraid to ask. I mean, who doesn’t, especially when you are new to an industry? We answer these questions and tell you things you felt mattered but did not feel strong enough to raise them.

On top of that, we are always coming up with new articles to reinforce your information on the industry. You get new ideas and innovations you think will add excitement and fun to your workouts and rides.

Our Basic Topics

While we are a freelance site and can answer almost any concern you have in the world of exercise, we are currently digging in-depth topics on;

  • The peloton bike and everything to do with the bike, from accessories to informative content.
  • Orangetheory products and content.
  • Gravel bikes and their products.
  • Mountain bikes and mountain bike products.
  • Alternatives to all the above cycling gear

Who Are We?

We are a group of bikers, biking experts, and workout professionals with the single goal of spreading fitness benefits to the world. Meet us personally below;

Percy Richardson

Percy is a local professional workout instructor in Boston who took an interest in Peloton as soon as the bike hit the market. If Peloton is a cult, then Percy admits guilty of being in and unable to leave.

Being on top of things, she experiments with almost every new equipment and accessory that Peloton brings on board. She surprised us when she traded her original peloton bike for the bike plus, and as though that wasn’t enough, she added the new peloton tread to her gym soon after.

She is the brain behind the informative peloton articles and a great help in coming up with lists of fantastic peloton accessories.

Percy is also the chief editor, working with the editing department to ensure that we only bring you quality articles.

Charles C. Schroeder

Charles is a racing professional, though he is currently dedicating his time to preparing local bike races and training aspiring racers. His enthusiasm for the bike also sees him occasionally in a local mechanic shop, changing bike parts, doing repairs, and advising amateur bikers.

He also writes in local magazines occasionally on biking tips. The best part is that he doesn’t miss the opportunity to update Biking Inspire with upcoming trends in the biking industry, especially outdoor biking.

Moreover, he comes up with innovative DIY ideas that are amazing, which he shares with our readers for better biking experiences. With Youtube videos to back up his ideas, you can be sure that this becomes more interesting by the day.

I am Andrew Sullivan

Andrew is a fitness content writer obsessed with weight loss, injury recovery, and keeping fit and healthy. A health student in California, Andrew says that the opportunity to write gives him better insight into his fitness project.

He is a great help to Biking Inspire team, bringing on board many of his health and fitness research. In turn, we bombard you with information that matters most today; health and fitness.

Charlotte Samuels

Charlotte is our chief editor and an accomplished author in a spectrum of Fitness books and articles. She goes through all the articles to ensure that they meet the recommended standards. She also frequents the blogging page, filling you with new information arising on the niches that we concentrate on.

She works with Percy to ensure that our articles are precisely what you need to have all your questions in the world of workouts answered.

Joyce Greene

Joyce concentrates on indoor workouts, specifically Orangetheory and, lately, the Peloton Digital app. She has enrolled in both and is an active member of the Orangetheory Facebook group. She is also a writer, concentrating her efforts on products suitable for different groups of people. The articles ensure that you get precisely what you are looking for if you need special features. For instance, workout shoes for large feet, shoes for recovering feet injuries, women outfits for specific workouts, etc

How We Test and Rate Our Products

Below are a few tips that we use to determine the different suitable products for our potential readers.


Though it is difficult to buy every product that we write about, we try our best to test at least a couple for each list. We also ensure that the buyer spends a great deal of time with the product before writing a review, using it optimally.

Luckily, we also have staff members with the different equipment that we write about, which makes it easy to get honest reviews. We derive the information from this personal experiment to determine whether we would or would not recommend a product to potential buyers.

Customer Reviews

Since our experiments are never enough and we cannot rely on one-sided evidence, we get other customer reviews. We can get them from the product site, or we can get their information and follow up on them concerning their experience with the products.

Product Features

We also delve into the preferable features for every product before selecting the product. If one is lacking, we weigh on whether a specific group of people would still benefit and appreciate before considering the outcome.

The Target Group

We also consider the target group for information and products that we work on. Researching on their interests, we come up with strategies and information that best suits their needs.

For instance, if we discuss helmets, we have helmets suitable for mountain bikers and others for road bike riders and the like. When it’s about helmet sizing, we consider relatively large heads and consider their interests especially, suiting our readers even better.

Online and Physical Research

When we decide on specific products, we research online for third-party reviews and what the manufacturer has to say.

We also occasionally consult customer care service to answer queries, especially on new products in the market.


Usually, we use products with a rating of three stars and above, our most preferable being over four stars.

This means that we will never recommend that you buy products that we don’t deem fit for your use.

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