Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor (What You Need to Know)

Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor

Orangetheory heart rate monitor is a basic necessity in Orangetheory Fitness studios. Other than that, the heart rate monitor is compatible with other workout apps, such as FitBit, Peloton, UnderArmor 39, iCardio, Nike+, and MapMYFitness.

When rated with other brand heart rate monitors, it emerges among the top, with the only limitations being the workout apps it is compatible with. It is so accurate that, until recently, it was the only HRM that the Orangetheory Fitness studios recommended. 

Before we engage in further details:

What is Orangetheory Fitness (OTF)?

Basically, Orangetheory Fitness comprises a spectrum of workout studios spread all over the US and beyond. They are a franchise, which means that while they are under one umbrella goal, each studio’s management is different.

At Orangetheory Fitness, you get HIIT workouts, all of which work around the heart rate monitors. Once you enter the studio, the management will take your height, weight, age, and activity level to determine your level. You will also get a heart rate monitor, which you rent for five dollars. 

The heart rate monitor reflects your heart rate on screens in the studio, determining your workout zone.

You will workout based on workout zones to reach the fourth goal, usually referred to as the orange zone. You are already using over 83 percent of your overall heart rate at the orange zone, hence an effective workout.

How Many Heart Rate Monitors Does Orangetheory Offer?

Orangetheory offers three types of heart rate monitors, though you can get their accessories, such as the straps, separately. Each heart rate monitor is efficient, though people have different perspectives about them all. However, one assurance you have is that you will get the heart rate monitors at different prices. 

The company offers only one heart rate monitor with a chest strap, while the other two are armbands. Let’s venture into each of these heart rate monitors, starting with the latest version backward:

A) The OTBeat Burn

The OTBeat Burn is the trendiest model of the Orangetheory heart rate monitors. It was only featured in the market in late 2019. On top of that, it displays the most recent features that Orangetheory is incorporating to make their heart rate monitors more accommodating.

Fundamentally, the HRM is an armband so that you can wear it on your wrist or the biceps. There are two different armband sizes, allowing you to wear the heart rate monitor on your wrist, the forearm, or the biceps.

The arm band’s most important aspect is that it is compatible with Apple Watch, something that Orangetheory users had waited for far too long. Apple Watch users feel that the Orangetheory heart rate monitors are not as accurate as of the Apple Watch. In this case, you now have the OTBeat Burn option for your full efficiency goals.

Once you connect the OTBeat Burn with the Apple Watch, you will manage to display, record, and compare the heart rate from both. Due to the placement and continuous reading that you get, you get more accurate readings from the Burn than other OTbeat HRMs.

On top of that, the OTBurn measures distance, heart rate, and calories burned during the workout. It is rechargeable, and you also get more in the box: the heart rate monitor comes with two black armbands, Large size and Small size. Then there is a mini-USB charging cable, so you don’t have to purchase one separately. Finally, you get a nice deal of a whole year limited warranty after making the purchase.

How Do You Connect Apple Watch to OTBeat Burn?

The Apple Watch has general settings, where you will get Bluetooth. Click to enable Bluetooth, and also turn on the OTBeat Burn for easy detection.

You will get the OTbeat Burn option on the Bluetooth devices list on the Apple Watch, so click on it for selection. Then, select the Apple workout app, Gymkit, then select the workout option you are on in your Orangetheory Fitness class. Here, you will find your heart rate already displaying on the Apple Watch, yet tracking from the OTBeat Burn.

Advantages of Using OTBeat Burn

  • It is the only Orangetheory heart rate monitor that is compatible with the Apple Watch.
  • You get more accurate heart rate measurements as you display the Apple Watch and the OTBeat Burn tracking records.
  • It is a hand band, hence more convenient to wear compared to the chest strap.

Disadvantages of the OTBeat Burn

  • Most expensive Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

B) OTBeat Flex

OTBeat Flex is next in line after OTBeat Burn, and it is also an armband. It was featured in the market in 2017 and has beaten all odds to remain the most comfortable Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

The HRM features an optical PPG based sensor, which is accurate for your heart rate measurements. The breathable orange forearm band is not only cute and screaming Orangetheory but also really comfortable. Besides, it is waterproof, so regardless of the workout’s intensity and sweaty hands, the sensor will remain accurate.

Moreover, the armband has a long-lasting battery, with a lifetime of 8 hours, which is enough for a whole day workout. 

Amazingly, the OTBeat Flex is both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible, hence a perfect choice for the peloton and other workout apps. 

With a one-year warranty, the heart rate monitor assures you of optimal quality and performance.

Pros of OTBeat Flex

  • Highly comfortable strap
  • Accurate readings
  • A battery that lasts longer
  • Both Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible

Cons of OTBeat Flex

  • Only comfortable for the forearm and probably the wrist.

C) OTBeat Core

This is the oldest heart rate monitor that Orangetheory still offers to date. Its efficiency is incredible, a reason it is still a major competitor of its newer siblings. Besides, it is the cheapest OTBeat heart rate monitor, hence cost-effective.

Unlike OTBeat Flex and OTBeat Burn, Core comes with a chest strap, which some users prefer most. Also, you get a removable pod, simplifying the cleaning task. The strap is in two sizes, a large and a small, to ensure that you get the perfect size for your chest. The straps are soft and elastic, whose fabric is washable and clasp.

Other than compatibility with the OTBeat app, the heart rate monitor is compatible with most smartphones, bike computers, and GPS watches.

Benefits of OTBeat Core

  • Quite affordable to most users
  • Best Orangetheory heart rate monitor with a chest strap
  • Easy to clean 
  • Compatible with most smartphones, GPS watches, and bike computers

Shortcomings of OTBeat Core

  • Faces high competition from the armband competitors

How Accurate is the Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

The Orangetheory heart rate monitor is highly accurate but not as accurate as of the Apple Watch. However, it will give you around 85 to 90 percent accuracy overall.

Can I Use My Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor at Home?

Yes, you can. You can pair the Orangetheory heart rate monitor to your phone and use the Orangetheory at-home workouts. You will find a simplified version of connecting the heart rate monitor to your phone for at-home workouts in the FAQs below.

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Which is the Most Accurate Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor?

The most accurate Orangetheory heart rate monitor is dependent on individuals, but I would go with the OTBeat Burn. Besides possessing the latest technology that guarantees higher accuracy, the OTBeat Burn is compatible with the Apple Watch. Therefore, it assures you of continuous and highly accurate results.

What Heart Rate Monitors Work at Orangetheory?

Orangetheory Fitness is compatible with all the Orangetheory heart rate monitors. The only other heart rate monitor compatible with OTF seems to be the Apple Watch, which is the latest technology with the studios.


Is Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Ant?

Yes, Orangetheory heart rate monitors use both Ant+ and Bluetooth connections. Therefore, they are compatible with workout devices connected via Bluetooth and Ant+, such as Fitbit and peloton.

2. How Do I Pair My Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor to My Phone?

Firstly, enable the Bluetooth mode on your phone, then turn on the Orangetheory heart rate monitor.

Wear the heart rate monitor accordingly: if it is a chest strap, arm yourself with it under your chest, and if it is an arm strap, you can put it at your wrist, forehand, or bicep.

On your phone, go to the Orangetheory Fitness app. Click on the right-hand bottom corner, where there is an orange running feature.  Here, you will get numerous workout options so that you can select the At-Home Workout option.

When you click on this, the phone app will start searching for a device, in this case, your Orangetheory heart rate monitor. Remember that the heart rate monitor should be on for immediate detection. It only takes three seconds, and you are set to go.

Now you are ready to go, with your Orangetheory heart rate monitor connected to your phone. Ensure that the phone is close to your workout area so that the connection remains strong.

3. How Do Orangetheory Heart Rate Monitor Work with Peloton?

Since the Orangetheory heart rate monitor is both Bluetooth and Ant+, you can connect it to a peloton.

Ensure that the heart rate monitor is on and then search it in Heart Rate Monitors’ peloton touchscreen. You don’t necessarily have to go through the Bluetooth option.

You can connect via Bluetooth or Ant+, depending on the easiest and more convenient option for you.

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4. How Long Does Orangetheory Battery Last?

The Orangetheory heart rate monitor battery lifespan depends on the exact heart rate monitor. For instance, the OTBeat Flex lasts as long as eight hours.

Final Thoughts

Orangetheory heart rate monitor is quite efficient and accurate, and your best shot with OTF workouts. With three available options for you to make a selection, you can always get the most convenient. Better still, get an option that allows you to use the Apple Watch as well, OTBeat Burn.

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